Off-Shore Banking

The Proficiency of Banking Industry enables us to assist our clients to obtain an Offshore Bank Account to ease the International Business Transactions.

An Offshore Bank account is a foreign bank account located in another jurisdiction enables you to do smooth foreign exchange, transactions. Our specialist team provides bank-account-opening support in many jurisdictions that are well known.

Advantages of offshore bank account:

Free Zone & Off-Shore Company Formation

Our Team of Professional Individuals are all experienced with expertise on Off-Shore Company formation in the Asia Pacific, Europe, America – Caribbean, and Middle East to conduct business in global smoothly, maximize opportunities and achieve long-term sustainability.

An offshore company is the most popular type of legal structure that comes with zero or low-cost maintenance entity which assists individuals or corporate in asset protection, tax structuring, and privacy. An offshore company allows for trade and business to be conducted globally except in the country where it has been incorporated.

Advantages as to why individuals or corporate would set up an offshore entity

Specialized Business License

We are experts in assisting our clients in obtaining the Specialised Financial Licenses for Money Broking and Forex Trading industry from different jurisdictions around the world.

Our specialized license services consist of: