Gold-i specializes in helping Forex Brokers grow and drive their profitability. Gold-i is a Global market leader in trading technology, helping hundreds of multi-asset brokers to transform their trading operations with robust liquidity management solutions, award-winning MetaTrader Plug-ins, business intelligence tools, and all with the best support in the industry.

MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway

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Gold-i’s award-winning ultra-low latency smart routing products provide the fastest and most reliable integration between retail and institutional financial trading systems

Full control to set-up direct connection from your MetaTrader 4 or 5 server to Liquidity Providers

MT4 Bridge & MT5 Gateway Benefits

Low Latency

It takes only a few milliseconds to process a client order – so you are more likely to get the price on the screen with no slippage. As speed is so critical, the Gold-i MT4 Bridge and MT5 Gateway have been designed to process more trades in one second than MetaTrader can, ensuring you can maintain your capacity for peak live trades per second.

Key Features

Gold-i Matrix

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An extremely fast and flexible modular multi asset liquidity management platform, fully integrated with MT4 and MT5

Enables Brokers who use MT4, MT5 or FIX API to pool their multi-asset liquidity, create spread profiles and stream them into multiple platforms

Matrix Benefits

Invaluable Analytics With Matrix Insights

The visualisation dashboard, with exportable reports is an invaluable feature providing Brokers with real-time monitoring on trade execution, total traded volume per liquidity, average execution latency, best choice of venue, pricing rates, total fill, partial fill and rejection tatistics.

Key Features

Gold-i Crypto Switch™ 2.0

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Access Deep and Diverse Liquidity With a Fully Cleared Crypto Solution

For over 12 years Gold-i has gained a reputation as a reliable and innovative technology partner to clients worldwide. Leveraging its in-depth understanding of the industry and utilising the flagship multi-asset liquidity management platform, Matrix, Gold-i has developed the award-winning Crypto Switch™.

This advanced platform allows Brokers, Crypto Exchanges, Liquidity Providers and Market Makers to maximise opportunities from the increasing demand for Cryptocurrency trading.

With Gold-i Crypto Switch™ you can access tight spreads and deep aggregated liquidity from multiple Crypto Market Makers and leading Exchanges, all centrally cleared or settled through Gold-i’s regulated partners.

Additionally, the Gold-i Crypto Switch™ offers you the benefit of increased revenue by on-selling Crypto liquidity to other Brokers and Exchanges.

With Gold-i's Crypto Switch™:

Access to Deep Pools of Liquidity

Crypto Switch™ can be easily connected to any trading platform via a FIX API or other standard protocols. Have the peace of mind that a guaranteed central counterparty provides, when using a fully cleared Crypto solution, together with Gold-i’s world-class 24/7 support.™

Benefit from our Exclusive Partnership with Zero Hash

Hedge Crypto flow with multiple leading counterparties and benefit from deeper and tighter liquidity that is centrally settled daily by our partners at Zero#.

Gold-i MAM Pro for MT4 & MT5

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The most sophisticated and cost-effective post-trade allocation tool on the market for MetaTrader Brokers and Money Managers

Provides Brokers with sophisticated post trade allocation tool that help them grow their client base

MAM Pro Benefits

Get A Clear View

The User Interface provides Money Managers and Professional Traders with a clear way to manage allocations from one master account.

Key Features

Gold-i Visual Edge

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The most advanced business intelligence tool on the market

Web-based, interactive analysis and visualisation features, providing in-depth analysis of complex data sets to manage risk exposure

Visual Edge Benefits

Complete Overview of Trading Operations

Gold-i Visual Edge can consolidate information across multiple servers, providing live updates. Customisable data reports for regulatory reporting can be exported to Excel or viewed in a browser.

Key Features


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Key Features