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EMEA Global Financial Consultancy is a professional consultancy in the banking & finance, investment, contracting and insurance industries.

Licensed in the Fujairah Free Zone, we offer our clients a wide variety of investment solutions.

For all your banking & wealth management requirements, our team of dedicated financial experts are ready to assist.

Foreign Exchange


Sophisticated clients trading in the foreign exchange market demand premium liquidity and execution, and rely heavily on the infrastructure of their broker.

Contracts for Difference


CFDs are leveraged trading instruments written over existing underlying securities. The CFD allows you to control a position in a given security and gain exposure to price movements without having to fund the full value of the position.

International Equities


Whether managing your own finances, hedging your existing portfolio or generating income, Our Partners will provide you with the best possible execution, settlement and reporting.

Exchange Traded Futures


Futures Contracts are a type of exchange traded derivative security that obligates buyers to purchase, or sellers to sell, an asset at a predetermined future date and price.